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Social integration - through community contributions


Sustainable living for younger citizens with disabilities who have a significant need for third-party help. ILC is an alternative life framework consisting of sustainable housing, green energy production, car sharing and sustainable profitable social economic enterprise. ILC includes ¼ citizens with and ¾ without functional impairments in dignified living for around 400 inhabitants. ILC is a diverse community not created for, but by the citizens themselves as part of an inclusive local community. ILC contributes to the UN's sustainability goals, where all of society's financial resources are managed in the best possible way.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
- Buckminster Fuller

Upcoming Events

Presenting at Folkemødet 2023

FOLKEMØDET – THE DEMOCRACY FESTIVAL OF DENMARK. Folkemødet is the Democracy Festival of Denmark. Every year at the idyllic island of Bornholm the festival is the platform for democratic dialogue between civil society, politicians, business, media, universities, and citizens at large.

Aquaponic system for Folkemødet

ILC is bringing a small demo aquaponic system to Folkemødet 2023. On the Social Stage, the ILC is part of a debate about Sustainable Utopias - listen to the conclusion by ILC below.

Social Economic Enterprise

ILC is expanding the scope and building on our 2022 aquaponic systems to scale a new aquaponic production model. The purpose is a model that offers social integration while providing a profit for investors.

everyone can contribute

ILC will be able to build a community of people with all ages, actively contributing to society with our housing, social integration and enterprise model, a model that can be adopted all over, so everyone can benefit from it..

Integrated Living Community - ILC what is it?

Ultimately, our purpose in establishing social enterprises that empower people living with or without a disability – to make informed choices that support them in realizing their goals and potential, enable greater integration with the local community while acting as stewards for our planet and resources.

The association ILC was founded with the aim of promoting the construction of a new alternative housing framework in the form of sustainable housing in an almost self-sufficient society (a’la permaculture) for younger disabled citizens with a significant need for third-party help in a diverse, active and community-oriented context, where life in and around the home is not created for, but together with and by citizens with and without disabilities and as part of an inclusive local community. Social sustainability is combined with the physical sustainability of housing in an almost self-sufficient society, as this context in itself will support a diverse, active community-oriented life, but will also set the direction for and contribute to the UN’s sustainability goals, while at the same time managing society’s financial resources in the best possible way.